Who We Are

 We specialize and have an unconditional love for producing and raising healthy top-quality Chinese Shar Peis. We have produced toys, minis and standards in all colors and coats. As reputable breeders, our top, ultimate goal when breeding our Shar-Peis is HEALTH, Quality, Temperament and Longevity. 


We provide our puppies with Limited AKC Registration Papers to prevent breeding. We strongly feel that breeding should be left to experience professional breeders. Full Registration will ONLY be considered to certain experienced breeders and we reserve the right to deny anyone full AKC rights. We do not want our puppies to end up at breeding farms or shelters and solely as happy pet companions! As of 12-20-2018 Our puppies are also guaranteed with a 3 YEAR Genetic Health Guarantee Contract INCLUDING COVERING AGAINST SHAR PEI FEVER which as everyone knows can be commonly found in the breed. You MUST have your puppy examined within 3 days after you receive your puppy for this contract to be valid & you MUST follow ALL the guidelines on your contract to keep it valid. Please see our Genetic Health Guarantee Contract displayed at the top of our Home Page to learn more about what we require.

We are high believers in nutrition and health and require that all of our puppies are to be placed on Pawtrees Organic or Pawtrees Grain Free Dog Food as well as a immune building support seasoning. We also require for our puppies to remain on Nuvet Plus Wafers or Powder which is also an immune system supporting supplement and so much more.  This information is all in our genetic health guarantee contract as well as on our website. 

All of our puppies receive their puppy vaccines prior to turning 8 weeks old. We strongly feel that this is the best way to ensure that our puppies get their best safest start before leaving us! We deworm at 4,6 and 8 weeks of age all provided by us. We also supply each puppy with a Canine Health Record indicating vaccines and dewormings, this will be provided with their AKC Papers,  Health Guarantee and New Puppy Information sheet when they leave us. We are also offering the option to have your new puppy microchipped before he/she leaves us. This is absolutely an option and not required. Another option that we are offering that sets us apart from other breeders is the option to have your puppy health tested before your puppy leaves us. We are EXTREMELY confident in the health of our dogs and therefore have decided to give this option to all new puppy buyers with peace of mind. If you choose to have your puppy health tested you MUST  let us know before your puppy is 4 weeks old and you will be required to pay for all costs of the test, collection, and shipping fees. 

Our puppies are handled daily from birth on. We have 6 children who love to handle, spoil and love your puppy as soon as they open their eyes! This is extremely important to us and ensures everyone that the puppies are exposed to children and other dogs well before they leave our family. This early and continuous socialization guarantees that your puppy will leave our home with the best temperaments to suit any family. Our breeding standards are also set very high. We only breed the healthiest hand selected Shar Peis. We do not even breed Shar Peis who have needed eye tacking’s. We only want to produce the absolute best genetically produced Chinese Shar Pei Puppies possible. Also, we never dual sire a litter meaning we always know who our puppy’s fathers are and don’t believe in multiple father litters. From the moment, you purchase a puppy from us you are a part of our family. We love to keep in touch and have frequent updates of our puppies throughout their lives. We loved them first and hope that we can always be a part of their life. References are also available. We have many happy puppy families that would love to tell you about their experience with us! Discounts are available for families who have already made one of our puppies apart of their family! I also give discounts for new puppy buyers who refer us to other friends or family who also purchases a puppy at the same time.