If you need shipping we can provide you with the absolute best ground shipping prices available! Ground Shipping is a lot more reasonably priced for shipping on the east coast and often times in the midwest area too.
If you are interested in one of our puppies but you are located closer to the west coast and ground shipping is too much, I can arrange air shipping with a Nanny.  Airline Shipping is based on the puppies ticket as well as the nanny’s expense and most estimates are between $450 & $500. 
If you need Airline shipping I do require you pay for shipping prior to your puppy reaching 7 weeks of age. This is so that I can make sure your puppy’s flight is arranged with a professional nanny and in place instead of last minute preparation.  If you have anymore questions about our waiting list or shipping please do not hesitate to contact me!


I am available to fly my puppies out of country using a professional Nanny! Canada and Alaska are no problem whatsoever, however please take into consideration the flight expense is going to be more expensive being that the distance is a lot longer than shipping through the US. I do not mind giving you a shipping quote and I appreciate everyone’s interest in our puppies. If you are in another country and you are experienced at showing and you are interested in one of our puppies to show I will give you a DISCOUNT on a puppy.