Shipping Information


If you need shipping we can provide you with the absolute best ground shipping prices available! Ground Shipping I personally feel is less stressful for a puppy than flying. Our Transporters puts the safety of our puppies first. I have peace of mind when they leave with our transporters.
If you need ground shipping, I do require for you to send a deposit to our ground transporter before your puppy is 6 weeks of age to book your puppy’s trip. For all puppies being transported by one of our ground shippers we also require that the puppy is paid in full within 48 hours before your puppy is scheduled to be picked up. If your puppy is not paid for before the shipper arrives, your puppy will NOT leave, and you forfeit your shipping deposit.
Families Who Need Transport Please Read & Agree:

If your puppy is in need of transport, please contact one of our licensed and insured ground shippers to send a deposit to book your puppy’s transport. Scheduling trips in advance are a must because routes are booked fast and there is limited space available. This is the only way to guarantee that your puppy will be transported at 8 weeks of age. Once the ground transporter picks up your puppy you agree to contact the shipper for more information as to when your puppy will be arriving, this is out of our control as we are the breeders and do not plan transporting routes. We will let you know once your puppy is picked up from us, however all questions and concerns after pickup will be the responsibility of you and the transporter you choose to discuss.

Our Shippers:

Kelly Hicks 757-831-8478 website: (GROUND TRANSPORT & AIRLINE TRANSPORT)

Troy & Bobbi 941-374-7092 website: (GROUND TRANSPORT ONLY

Jessica 272-253-2433 S&J Transport (GROUND TRANSPORT ONLY)