Proud To Announce Reservations

We have dedicated this page to our new families who have placed a deposit on one of our puppies from our current available litters. We want to show off our  appreciation and the puppies who I am very proud to say has families waiting for them until they are ready at 8 weeks old!



Proud to Announce this precious boy that is reserved for Angela Ingram in Virginia Beach VA on 3-29-19.



redfawnProud to Announce this precious girl that is reserved for Kathy and Travis Childs in Mooresville NC on 4-6-19.



64068B82-6C76-4581-9E1B-010BE6A52DA7 Proud to Announce this adorable wrinkly baby girl that is reserved for Lekshmi and her husband Landen located in Atlanta GA on 4-6-19.

DDEAD7A2-D152-4114-8A19-156B898CD4A3 Proud to Announce this precious little bear is reserved for Carolyn In Florida on 3-29-19.

C11DD288-97C3-41EE-941A-945F2FEB2D6EProud to Announce this tiny blue boy going to John in PA on 4-2-19.

C2BDD9C0-7409-4321-8D7E-4D96BAD1B219Proud to announce this gorgeous brindle boy that is reserved for Joe in Michigan!

259F55B9-9A17-4042-B67B-FA2A10ECFA77Proud to announce this beautiful tiny red dilute girl is reserved for Jessica and her family in Maryland!

024A6C04-B793-48B6-8E10-6C7B693FCF5FProud to announce this mini boy is reserved for Antonio & Lameca In NY!

14DDD83B-01E2-445F-A558-C8D6DFC72592Proud to announce this gorgeous mini lilac girl is reserved for Gerald Hornsby in SC!