Our Girls


Pedigrees available upon request. We only breed hand selected and inspected lines to ensure that we produce the healthiest best quality puppies for you!

Zealous Blues Jades Angel Of Mine

Jade: Lilac Brush Coat Traditional Muzzle Mini 16” Tall



Zealous Blues Russian Roulette

Roulette: Red Fawn Brush Coat Massive Meat Mouth Mini 15″ Tall RUSSIAN IMPORT LINED

Zealous Blues Fluffy Stache

Mustache: Blue Flower Traditional Bear Coat Toy 14″ Tall

Zealous Blues Pretty Flower

Flower: Isabella Flower Massive Meat Mouth Brush Coat Mini 15″ Tall

Zealous Blues Godiva From SNK 

Godiva: Chocolate Bear Coat Meat Mouth Small Standard 18” Tall

Zealous Blues Magic Voodoo

Voodoo: Blue Brindle Flower Brush Coat Massive Meat Mouth Mini 15″  Tall


Dravens Indigo Flowered Truffles

Luna: Blue Flower Brush Coat Bone Mouth Mini 16″ Tall

Zealous Blues Sunny Skies of WM

Sunny: Apricot Dilute Bear Coat In between Muzzle Standard 18″ Tall

Zealous Blues & WM Jolene Plz Don’t Take My Man

Jolene: Black Bear Coat Massive Meat Mouth Toy 14″ Tall