Our Girls

Pedigrees available upon request. We only breed hand selected and inspected lines to ensure that we produce the healthiest best quality puppies for you!

Zealous Blues Lady Of Princes & Beauties

Lady: Small standard 17”- 18” tall brush coat

Lady is a very sweet girl that loves everyone. She is well behaved and very smart.

Zealous Blues Pointed Maddie

Maddie: Mini 15” tall Blue Pointed, Brush Coat

Maddie is a sweet girl, she listens well and gets along with everyone.


Diva Wrinkles

Diva: Standard 18” tall  Red Fawn with Black Mask, Brush Coat

Diva is my best friend, she is my angel and the reason I have grown so attached to this breed.

Zealous Blue’s Russian Roulette Roulette: Mini 15” tall Red Fawn, Brush Coat

Zealous Blue’s Fluffy Stache

Mustache: Mini 15” tall Blue Flower Bear Coat. Stache is a sweet girl that loves to play and give kisses.


Zealous Blue’s Pretty Little Flower

Flower: Mini 15” tall Isabella Flower Brush Coat. Flower does not like to be on a leash but loves interacting with everyone even strangers!


Zealous Blues Godiva From Sic Noise

Godiva: Mini 17” Tall Chocolate Bear Coat.  You really have to earn Godivas trust, she is a very smart loving girl but takes some time to warm up to new people. She loves her mommy! 

Zealous Blue’s Magic Voodoo

Voodoo Mini 16″ Tall Blue Brindle Flower Brush Coat. Voodoo is my daughters baby. She is also a great mother and loves her puppies.


McLeod’s & C.W Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin: Mini 15” tall  Red Brush Coat

Pumpkin She is an AMAZING sweet girl with the most loving personality. 

Dravens Indigo Flowered Truffles

 Luna: Mini 16” tall Blue Flower Brush Coat. Luna is a energetic bundle of joy, she is more of a traditional bone mouth Shar-Pei but makes some gorgeous puppies.