Adoption Agreement

When adopting one of our precious bundle of wrinkles we ask that you agree that if you were unable to keep your Pei baby at anytime that you contact us to take your baby back. This will guarantee that your baby will NEVER end up in a shelter or homeless EVER. This is our promise to you. After we accept your baby back we will screen new Potential owners and find the BEST home for him or her.

Also as a loving breeder who cares about each and every puppy If needed I will cover shipping cost to have your baby brought back to us.

We know how difficult it is to have to give your baby up, and we are always here to help you.

**If you have purchased a Shar-Pei from another breeder and the breeder is not willing to help or is unable to help you please feel free to reach out to us, I will do all I can to help you if you are unable to keep your Shar-Pei, our ultimate top priority is keeping our breed out of animal shelters and off of the dangerous streets.**