Waiting List

Due to having several litters due in December we have gladly been
accepting deposits on puppies of specific color, size and sex. If you have a preference of specific parents, we will do all we can to meet the needs of our puppy buyers on our waiting list.

In order to be placed on our waiting list for a specific color, coat and size we require a $300 deposit. Deposits can be accepted in form of Personal bank check, Walmart to Walmart Transfer, Apple Pay, Cash App, or Zelle. We have had bad experiences with PayPal and therefore will only accept PayPal payments through our website. 
Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE so please do not feel you must rush into this decision. Once you are 100% certain and after you have done your research on this amazing breed feel free to contact me to arrange how you will send your deposit. We will allow transfer of deposits to any litter we have and your deposit never expires. 
After we receive your $300 deposit we will list your name, location and a description of the puppy you have placed a deposit on will be added to our waiting list. After puppies are born and you choose your puppy a picture of your puppy with your name and location will be moved to our Reservations page. 
 After your name is added to our waiting list you will be notified of any future breeding’s before they occur as well as the births. From the date of birth until the puppies reach 2 weeks of age ONLY those on our waiting lists will be aware that we have puppies available.
We will not advertise any of our puppies until after our buyers who have placed a prior deposit on our waiting list have made their picks by 2-4 weeks of age, or have passed on specific available puppies.
Once your pick is made you will receive update pictures every week until your puppy is 8 weeks old. However we try with every effort to send update pictures as often as we can. Once our puppies turn 6 weeks old we will contact you to schedule for Pickup or Delivery if needed and arrange all other information to make this exciting experience the easiest possible!

Current Waiting List:
First Pick Male- Oscar Cordova, California. **Mini** Blue Isabella Lilac. 

Second Pick Male Renee Johnson Dallas Texas. **Blue Male**

Third Pick Male Josh Romo MI *Blue/Blue Brindle or Blue Pointed*

Fourth Pick Male or First Pick Male Of Lady & Caspers Next Litter Leann Qualls Oklahoma. 

Fifth Pick Male or Third Pick Female David & Jackeline Echard Hollywood Florida *Blue, Platinum Cream, Black*


1st Pick Female Blue, Isabella, Lilac preferably Oscar Cordova CA *Show Quality & Mini*

2nd Pick Female David & Jackeline Echard Florida Blue Cream or Black Female

3rd Pick Female Barbara Shepherd California  Blue Flower Prefer Horsecoat Mini.

4th Pick Female Debby Stahl Virginia Blue or Black Female.