Our Studs

Pedigrees available upon request. We only breed hand selected and inspected lines to ensure that we produce the healthiest best quality puppies for you!

***If you are a breeder and have an AKC registered Female you are interested in studding to one of our boys, feel free to contact me for stud fee details. I am also available to ship fresh chilled semen overnight anywhere in the US using a Semen Extender.***


Proud to announce our newest future stud!!! This is Zealous Blues Pointed Blaze. He is a beautiful miniature Black & Tan Pointed Bear coat.

Zealous Blue’s Million Dollar Graffiti of Princes & Beauties

Graffiti: Standard Blue Brindle Horse Coat

Zealous Blue’s Erebus
Erebus: Mini Blue Brush Coat


Ingram Rey American Ranger

Ranger: Standard Russian Imported Apricot Brush Coat

Zealous Blues Tiniest Blue

Tiny: Mini Blue Horse Coat


Zealous Blues Ruger of Mahaffey

Ruger: Mini Lilac Bear Coat