HEALTH Testing Performed On Our Dogs

We have always put the health of our dogs first but to set our breeding program apart from other breeders In the United States we have started ongoing exclusive Hereditary Health Testing on our Shar-Pei that will be completed for ALL of our dogs in 2021. This testing gives us an accurate diagnosis of the status of hereditary diseases in our dogs that can be passed down to their offspring. We do not want to pass any of these Genetic Diseases onto any of our puppies so this testing will allow us to know if our dogs are Clear, a Carrier or affected. By testing for hereditary diseases in our dogs we are promising a better future for the health of our breed.

In addition to the tests below that is performed on our Shar-Pei there is an additional 185 more genetic tests that are performed on our dogs and can be disclosed upon request. The 3 tests below are the most relevant to our breed. Each one of our Shar-Pei will have a complete DNA test proving the full Blood of our breed.

SPAID- (Also known as Shar-Pei Fever) This is an autoimmune condition that causes reoccurring high fevers, swelling of the joints followed by pain, and overall discomfort and fatigue. Following episodes of Shar-Pei Fever some Shar Peis will also develop amyloidosis in the liver and kidneys. This can be very painful and life long for your Shar-Pei.

Degenerative Myelopathy, DM (SOD1A)- This is Neurologic disease that affects adult dogs. This is a progressive disorder that affects the spinal cord and will cause muscle waisting and gait abnormalities. The first signs usually appear when your dog is about 8 years old and will appear in the nerves of the hind legs.

Glaucoma (ADAMTS17 Exon 2)- This disease is onset when your dog is an adult and causes high Intraocular pressure. If this is left untreated it can lead to complete loss of vision. With early diagnosis this disease can be managed with a variety of medical or surgical options.