Ground Transport & International Shipping


Shipping To Canada: We are often contacted about shipping our puppies out of the United States. At this time, we are only able to ship within the US and Canada. We can have our puppies flown to Canada and have ground transporters that are available to meet you at the border of Canada and the US. If you are interested in having a puppy flown to you in Canada the cost will be roughly $1500-$1900. There is another fee of $180 that will be applied in addition to the cost of your puppy for his or her vet issued health certificate. It will be more affordable to have a ground transporter meet at the border of Canada and the US. This roughly costs between $500-$800.

Flying a Puppy on Airline: If you are interested in knowing the price to have a puppy flown to you within the US or Canada and would like a direct quote from our flight nanny, please visit or call Kelly Hicks at 757-831-8478. She handles all of our airline needs.

Ground Transport: If you are interested in a quote to have a puppy transported via ground with a licensed and insured ground transporter here is a list of transporters that we regularly use:

Jessica (S & J Transport) 272-253-2433 Jessica is very affordable and very communicative. She does not do large transports. She allows new puppy buyers to decide if they want their puppy crated or not.

Kelly Hicks (Furever Home Pet Transport) 757-831-8478 Kelly provides solo transports only, she does not transport multiple dogs at a time unless puppies are leaving from the same litter.

Troy & Bobbi (Lickety Split Transport) 941-374-7092 Troy & Bobbi are affordable and will always put safety first. They do a lot of transporting all over the US and your puppy will be safely kenneled during transport.

Families Who Need Transport Please Read & Agree:

If your puppy is in need of transport, please contact one of our licensed and insured ground shippers to send a deposit to book your puppy’s transport. Scheduling trips in advance are a must because routes are booked fast and there is limited space available. This is the only way to guarantee that your puppy will be transported at 8 weeks of age. Once the ground transporter picks up your puppy you agree to contact the shipper for more information as to when your puppy will be arriving, this is out of our control and we do not plan transporting routes. We will let you know once your puppy is picked up from us, however all questions and concerns after pickup will be the responsibility of you and the transporter you choose to discuss.

For all puppies being transported by one of our ground shippers we also require that your puppy is paid in full within 48 hours before your puppy is scheduled to be picked up. If your puppy is not paid for before the shipper arrives, your puppy will NOT leave, and you forfeit your shipping deposit.